Whitby Goth Weekend Photos April 2024

Whitby Goth Weekend Photos April 2024

I’ve become a regular visitor to Whitby in recent years attending both the Whitby Steampunk Weekend but also the Whitby Goth Weekend. In April 2024 I was heading to the Yorkshire coast to Scarborough where I had accommodation booked for a Friday and Saturday night. I rarely stay in Whitby itself because the price of accommodation for these weekends is becoming unaffordable. With camera batteries fully charged and memory cards mostly empty I was looking forward to trying to get lots of street portraits.

Whitby Goth Weekend Photo Gallery

Much like the event in October 2023, the Sunday in April 2024 turned out to be another washout weather wise. I didn’t take a single photo on the Sunday but thankfully I was very happy with the images I took on the Saturday. In many ways I feel it was my most productive Whitby Goth Weekend ever. The popularity of the event can make it rather crowded and a bit of a circus but I got the sense that the streets were slightly less manic, at least in terms of the number of photographers.

The event always attracts a number of regulars as well as those attending for the first time. I even know some of the people I photograph by name and it’s not unusual for them to contact me the following week asking me to share high resolution copies of any photographs I may have of them. For blog posts like this and for sharing on social media I only use low resolution images, previously jpeg files but more recently webp files. I do also keep high resolution jpeg images on a hard drive for those people who perhaps want to get a print done. I may even use these high resolution photos to get a photo book printed before the next Whitby Goth Weekend in early November. The gallery below is just a very small selection of the photos I took. Clicking any image will load a larger version. To see more examples you can find them either on my Facebook or Instagram pages. I also share my images to a Facebook group I’m a member of called Whitby Goth Weekend Pics + which has over 30k members and seems to the best way for my photos to get noticed.

I’d like to thank all those who agreed to pose for a portrait and I hope to see many of you at the next event in November!

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