Whitby Goth Weekend October 2023 Young Goth

Whitby Goth Weekend – October 2023

Back in October 2023 I attended another Whitby Goth Weekend. I’ve visited numerous times before and always found it a great event to obtain street portraits. October 2023 was no different with a good mix of regular attendees and some new faces attending for the first time. In this article I will only feature a small selection of my images from the event. For those who would like to see a larger selection I usually post all my images to my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Whitby Goth Weekend Accommodation

Due to the popularirity of the event it’s become almost impossible to find reasonably priced accommodation in Whitby. As such I found myself booking a basic room in Scarborough and driving in to Whitby Saturday and Sunday morning. Since I’m there for photography and not attending any evening events, being located in Scarborough isn’t an issue. On Saturday night I returned to my accommodation, had an evening meal and began to process some of my images from the day.

Going forward I’m likely to continue to book basic accommodation in Scarborough. I have considered car camping as well as all I need is a place to sleep and a basic battery bank to run my laptop for a few hours while I work on some of the photos of the day.

Whitby Goth Portraits

As it turned out I only really took portraits on the Saturday. Sunday was washout with the weather so I returned home early. Conditions on Saturday though were decent for street portraits. The following is a small selection of my images from the day.

When an event becomes too popular it can feel somewhat like a circus. I like to work quickly and not take too much of the model’s time but it can feel like a scrum when you are surrounded by many other photographers and members of the public trying to grab photos with their phones. To be honest I was feeling slightly flat during the weekend but I’m sure I will attend again.

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