Tenby Steampunk Festival 2024

Tenby Steampunk Festival

With the start of a new year I decided that I would try and get out more and attend more events in 2024. The first of these events that I pencilled in my diary was the Tenby Steampunk Festival which took place in March. It was the first time the event would take place so I was not sure what to expect in terms of turnout. March is a very quiet month for such events but I decided to give it a try and booked a room at Clarence House right on the sea front.

The main focus for the weekend seemed to be the De Valence Pavilion in Upper Frog Street. As well as various traders selling Steampunk clothing and accessories, the venue was also used for some live music and quirky Steampunk events like tea duelling. I find the lighting in most indoor halls to be poor for portrait photography so most of the images below were taken just outside the venue.

A parade took place both days, starting at De Valence Pavilion and heading through the town. Just outside the venue were a huge mechaninal spider and a couple of remote controlled machines, one of which was a steampunk inspired R2-D2.

Tenby Steampunk Festival 2025?

Overhearing the organisers for the event over the weekend I got the impression that they were pleased with how it had gone and were thinking of holding the event again. Time will tell if they do. From a photographer’s perspective it will be interesting to see if it becomes more popular and attracts more from the steampunk community.

The aim for 2024 is to attend lots of events I have not visited before and become a regular visitor to those I enjoy the most. I’m not sure whether I will attend Tenby Steampunk Festival next year should it happen. I feel there are lots of other dates in the steampunk calendar that have more to offer in terms of the number of potential portrait subjects as well as architecture that fits the Victorian and steampunk theme better.

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