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Sheringham 1940’s Weekend 2019

The Sheringham 1940’s Weekend has over time become one of the most popular 1940’s Weekends in the UK calendar. Like many 1940’s Weekends the central focus is around a steam railway. This particular weekend is still often referred to as the North Norfolk Railway 1940’s Weekend. This train line is also known as The Poppy Line. Steam trains would travel between the stations of Sheringham and Holt, also stopping at Weybourne. The shops and businesses of Sheringham and Holt began to be much more actively involved, so much so that the weekend tends to get referred to as the Sheringham 1940’s Weekend by most people. Shops will often change their window displays for a 1940’s theme and even the local hairdresser will offer ladies a 1940’s hairstyle!

Sheringham 1940’s Weekend – Period Costumes

Firstly if you have decided to visit for the whole weekend you might want to book your accommodation early. The popularity of the Sheringham 1940’s Weekend means accommodation is in high demand, especially in Sheringham. Many visitors really get into the spirit of the weekend and dress in period costumes. There are a number of shops, stalls and charity shops both in Sheringham and Holt that will sell vintage clothes. The era provides for plenty of choice, both for men and woman. There are military uniforms, civilian clothing of the time as well as Land Girls and evacuated children. The image below is a good example of the range of costumes you might see.

Sheringham 1940's Weekend - Period Costumes
Sheringham 1940’s Weekend – Period Clothing

There are others who decide to impersonate characters from the era. Don’t be surprised if you bump into people who bear an uncanny resemblance to Winston Churchill or characters from Dad’s Army etc.

Sheringham 1940’s Weekend – Classic vehicles

What makes the weekend seem even more authentic is the number of classic 1940’s vehicles you will see. Besides the steam trains you can take trips on vintage buses or look at many vintage cars, both civilian and military. Most of the classic vehicles tend to be parked at Holt Station.

North Norfolk Railway 1940's Weekend - Vintage Bus
Vintage bus parked at Sheringham station
Classic car parked up at Holt Railway Station
Classic Citroen car parked up at Holt Railway Station
1940's Willys Jeep
1940’s Willys Jeep

If this was not enough you can also expect a fly pass of vintage aircraft. This year it was a Spitfire on Saturday and a Hurricane on the Sunday.

Sheringham 1940’s Weekend – The Music

Another thing you can expect if you visit the Sheringham 1940’s Weekend is plenty of 1940’s music. There are live acts appearing both in Sheringham and Holt. Some are on outside stages, others are indoor venues like pubs. The added dimension of music really does help to transport you back to the 1940’s. If you like 1940’s dances like the The Jive or Lindy Hop you will find plenty of opportunity to take to the dance floor during the weekend.

Sheringham 1940’s Weekend – More images

Before finishing this article I will add another couple of photographs from the weekend.

Sheringham 1940's Weekend - Dad's Army
Dad’s Army
Child Evacuee - Sheringham 1940's Weekend
Child Evacuee

If you want to see even more of my photographs from the Sheringham 1940’s Weekend you can find them on my Instagram or Facebook pages.

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