Northampton Photographer

Hi I’m Gary

Photography has been a passion since my late teens. I like to photograph a wide range of subjects including portraits, cityscapes, wildlife and pets. I’m always keen to try and stretch myself by trying new subjects and I have recently considered trying my hand at aviation and macro photography.

As most photographers using digital cameras will acknowledge, the editing process plays as large a part in the final result. Editing images is something I enjoy and I’m always trying to learn new things. There are so many different software packages and tools it can be overwhelming. Perhaps I will mention a few of my favourite tools in future blog posts.

I’m always open to working with other people. Meeting and chatting with other photographers can often be mutually beneficial. I’m also open to working with models to try and achieve the sorts of images they are looking for, whether that’s a simple headshot for an aspiring actor or a LinkedIn profile or some stylish portraits for an article or your social media accounts. If you want to collaborate on a project or idea you have feel free to contact me.

Gary Alan Box Black & White Portrait
Gary Alan Box