Capturing Those Special Moments

Northampton Photographer

Welcome to my photography website. I rarely travel anywhere without a camera, so much so that I sort of feel naked when I don’t have one with me. Life doesn’t feel like a movie for me but rather a selection of still images. I notice single moments along with the temperature, direction and quality of the light.

Photographs need a subject though and living things like people and animals can express so much, even from a moment captured and frozen in time. If you are looking to capture some of those special moments of yourself or loved ones please get in touch!

Gary Alan Box

HI, I’m Gary

The Man Behind the lens

Photography has been a passion since my late teens. I like to photograph a wide range of subjects including portraits, cityscapes, wildlife and pets.

I enjoy meeting other photographers to chat about cameras, lenses and post processing. I also enjoy meeting members of the public who want to work with a photographer to obtain images of themselves, their family or their pets.

My Galleries

I like to photograph a wide range of subjects, a few of which I’ve featured on this website. Please click to see more